Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Kermode cub is born

A very elusive species, the Kermode bear was known by the Native Americans as the "spirit bear". This unique creature has the white fur of a polar bear but the distinct grizzly head shape and eyes that makes this bear so rare. This colour morph is due to a recessive allele in the population; these bears are not albino. Inspired by these rare animals I decided to try and create one out of 3/8" beige imported synthetic fabric, which turned out to be a challenge... this stuff frays all over! (The fray check and I became very well acquainted)  Here are some pictures of the cub almost finished, I still need to add front paw pads on this little guy and then he is off to his new home as soon as I get the other two bears finished.... enjoy!


This little kermode cub is only 4 inches tall, with a handmade shiny black FIMO nose made by me, tiny little eyelids, and a needle sculpted pink tounge sticking out. He is also 5 way jointed, and has itty bitty little needle sculpted toes. He is filled with polyfil and microbeads for a really heavy feeling, just like real bear cub.

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