Sunday, March 25, 2012

Clowning Around

   Tomorrow is a big day for this little bear. I have spent hours working on the costume I want her to wear to the art show. I am super excited to have my first fuzzy bear on display and I want her to look her best! I didn't expect the costume to turn out this way at all, I am actually not very fond of clowns.. but I think it suits her well. Hope you enjoy!
 Hugs! - Heidi

Friday, March 23, 2012

Bears on the beach

  At last spring break is here!!! I have been very busy working on my new bear but I still saved some time to kick back and relax by the ocean. The last week of school was exceptionally difficult for me, the life sized wolf sculpture I was working on came crashing to the ground (I'm not sure if it was because i built it unstable or someone accidently knocked into it.. I wasn't in the room at the time) the last day of school I began rebuilding my sculpture all over again. And then to complicate things even more my flute broke a week before states. I'm grateful for the rest, I have been able to get things sorted out now. Today I took some quick pictures of my new bear Coco, theres still some things I need to finish on her though like a tail, tushtag, and I want to decorate her differently for the AP art show in April (for some reason I don't think pipecleaner bunny ears would impress the judges ha ha ).  Hope you enjoy the bear and the beach pictures!
       Happy spring! -Heidi

I named her after the beach 
I went to this week "Coco Beach"

                            My little phone camera did not seem to like
                                       the pink and purple colors.

Coco Beach

The backyard

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A bear for the show

 In April there is another AP art show, which means I have little time to get everything done! I haven't been working on my bears to much lately because all my time and ideas have been so focused on the sculpture I am working on in class. I'm not quite sure how it happened but the wolf sculpture ending up being life sized, I can't even pick it up so my teacher has let me use a table with wheels on it. I'm really hoping I will have time to let it dry into the greenware stage, paint it, and add all the little details before the big day. Since this might be my last art show this year I have been wanting to get at least one bear in (the mink cub is almost finished but I decided I would rather put in one of my regular synthetic bears because I want to show what my normal work looks like.) Here are some pictures in progress of the bear I am making for the show. Maybe once things start slowing down I will get the chance to take some pictures of the wolf sculpture too. Hope all is well!
                  Hugs! - Heidi

I changed the body pattern a little bit so that this bear
 would have a bigger tummy, he isn't stuffed yet so
it is hard to see the difference.

I also added more of a hump on the back like
the traditional teddy bears

Little toes and claws :)