Sunday, December 18, 2011

Keeper of the Secrets

  Here is the mask I made in art class; it's all painted now. I think I made it a little bit scarier than I had originally intended.... but since it is my first attempt I am okay with it. I can improve more next time. I Hope you like it!  -Hugs, Heidi

The "Natural" side

The side with the Native American embellishments

"Keeper of the secrets"

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My new little bear Art

 Hi everyone! It has been a good and a bad day for me. I went to the doctors today and found out some not so great news and I got a lot of blood drawn. I felt pretty sick after I came home so I decided to just sit in my chair and sew. Finishing this little bear definitely made me feel a lot better, I have worked so hard to get him done before Christmas! Little Art is made of synthetic imported fabric and filled with steel shot. He has
realistic eyes, a needle felted face, sculpted toes, and wired arms. He is only 5 inches tall, and his nose has been modge podged, sanded, and painted.. a lot of work went into this little dude! I named him Art since I've been working on him in my art class at school. He is for my grandmother for Christmas... I hope that she likes him and that you do too! :)  Thank you for looking and happy holidays!
 - Love Heidi

Over the summer my Grammy gave me some little props I could use with my bears. I think this bird looks great with Art. Thank you Grammy Nancy! :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011


 Right now I am adding little finishing touches to the face, I sealed the nose, sanded it,painted it and I added a Santa hat and a scarf. I tried attaching little claws to the foot and I think I like it. I am going to make these permanent and do the other feet the same way. I still am not sure if I should shade the toes... I am afraid of messing up and ruining the entire bear. It's so risky when you've spent hours on everything else and I think that I would be to tired to restart. I had five and a half concerts this weekend all back to back four hours each... I have gotten pretty much no sleep and I've been waking up before the sun has even risen to go and perform. I was hoping to finish the bear this weekend but it turned out to be just impossible. Hopefully I can get him done before exams start on Friday.

   Happy Holidays! - Heidi

I really should invest in a better camera. I'm still using my phone to take pictures
 and I don't think it does this bears face any justice.

This is the first foot I finished so I signed my name on the side. Three more to go.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A little felted face

 I always like to take pictures of my work along the way. It is very helpful to look back on something I did right, that way I know exactly what I did and I can duplicate it again. The old saying is right, "A picture can tell a thousand words."