Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Flying bears!

 Summer is just about over, but before school started my dad decided to take a trip up to Pennsylvania to visit our relatives. Wednesday morning my dad, brother and I boarded a little plane and then in two hours landed in Allentown, PA. The flight was quite humorous for my older brother Hans offered to carry my bag full of sewing supplies (fray check, needles, scissors, pliers); I had checked beforehand to make sure these items could be brought through security but I was still a little nervous. Nevertheless the plan worked and he brought my sewing supplies on with a straight face (he was unaware of the "dangerous" items inside lol), and I was able to work on my bears during the flight! Saturday morning we drove the rental car up to my great aunts house, and I surprised her with a bear I had made for her. She recently was in the hospital and is still recovering so I thought she would appreciate the gift; especially since she is a seamstress herself! I received my school schedule on Sunday, I will be taking 5 AP courses so it will be a difficult year for me yet I am so excited to be finishing my last year of high school and going to college! I decided to put my monkey away for a little bit until I finish this last bear that way I can send them all off to their new homes before school begins, on the weekends I should hopefully be able to work on the monkey :).  Here are some pictures of our trip so far, and my work in progress!
    - Heidi

A butterfly found on our morning hike

Here are some beautiful flowers that are growing in my Grammy's yard

Here is a birds nest that she had found and showed to me.

This is where they used to store apples before refrigerators!

I was just playing around with some clay while I was packing

Here is my aunt and her new bear!

The last bear I'm working on before school starts

Heading home! This trip gave me some very good ideas, I can't wait to finish
this bear on the plane!!!


  1. Oh my gosh. Katey. You are so talented! Love the pictures.

  2. I didn't know Katey could put pictures on my blog ;). Thank you for the compliments though Jennifer, I appreciate it! -Heidi