Sunday, September 4, 2011

Under the sea

  Around this time of year until late October baby sea turtles begin to hatch along the coast of Florida. Five species of sea turtles inhabit Florida's waters during some time of the year but only two lay their eggs here. Florida's nesting sea turtles include the loggerhead (most common), and leatherback (least common). During the summer months, there are approximately 50,000 sea turtles in Florida. This makes it the most important nesting area in the United States. My family and I often go to the beach at night to watch these massive sea creatures magically appear out of the water and scoot up the sand to lay their eggs, and then vanish mysteriously back into the dark depths of the ocean.
My second oldest sister Amber is getting married at Anna Maria Island on Saturday, and she asked me a while back to make clay magnet turtles as gifts for the guests. I procrastinated quite a while so now I'm rushing to finish them this last week. She also asked me to play "That's Amore" my grandmothers favorite song at the recital dinner, so its time to break out my flute and music and polish up a few rhythms here and there. I will probably post a tutorial on how to make one of these turtles over the next few days just for fun :). And perhaps when we go to visit we will get lucky enough to see a real sea turtle hatching as well! Hope you enjoy!
~ Heidi

Which one is your favorite?


  1. Heidi, They are as cute as they can be! You are so gifted! Hugs, Janice

  2. Thank you Joanne and Janice!! I hope the wedding guests like them as much as you do! :)