Friday, March 23, 2012

Bears on the beach

  At last spring break is here!!! I have been very busy working on my new bear but I still saved some time to kick back and relax by the ocean. The last week of school was exceptionally difficult for me, the life sized wolf sculpture I was working on came crashing to the ground (I'm not sure if it was because i built it unstable or someone accidently knocked into it.. I wasn't in the room at the time) the last day of school I began rebuilding my sculpture all over again. And then to complicate things even more my flute broke a week before states. I'm grateful for the rest, I have been able to get things sorted out now. Today I took some quick pictures of my new bear Coco, theres still some things I need to finish on her though like a tail, tushtag, and I want to decorate her differently for the AP art show in April (for some reason I don't think pipecleaner bunny ears would impress the judges ha ha ).  Hope you enjoy the bear and the beach pictures!
       Happy spring! -Heidi

I named her after the beach 
I went to this week "Coco Beach"

                            My little phone camera did not seem to like
                                       the pink and purple colors.

Coco Beach

The backyard


  1. I love how Coco is modeling the different looks. She is adorable!

  2. Thank you Joanne! Yes I had a little bit too much fun with this :), hopefully I will find the perfect one in time for the art show!