Friday, May 18, 2012

Goodbye Fox

  Only three more days of school left, and twelve more days until I graduate. Yesterday the mail brought some great news, I have received a bright futures scholarship to pay for my tuition as well as a scholarship from a church I play my flute at which will cover the expenses of my books. I am very excited to start this new part of my life on the right foot but at the same time very sad to see all my friends leave; especially my best friend who I have known since kindergarten. My best friend Emily and I have always been lucky and gone to the same schools, been in the same classes, and done every sport and played our flutes together, but she decided on Brigham Young University for her college and I picked the University of Central Florida. Since she is moving so far away I wanted to make her something nice to remember our good times, but I just couldn't decide what to make. While I was out shopping around I found this beautiful piece of wood that I thought would make a wonderful canvas to paint on! Even though I feel much more comfortable working with 3D things I decided it was time to once again cringe and take out the brushes. Hope you enjoy!       
                   Hugs! - Heidi

After I took these pictures I could see that I needed to
fix the shading in some areas.

The before shot! Just a regular old piece of wood.


  1. Oh Heidi, great job! My congrats on receiving the scholarships, I am so happy for you:)
    The Fox looks absolutely real and almost 3D:)

  2. Congrats on the scholarships, Heidi! I wish you all the best on this next journey. The painting for Emily is beautiful and I am sure she will be honored to think you took out the paint brushes for her - a true best friend!

  3. What a wonderful, thoughtful gift. I'm sure Emily will love it!

    Your fox is beautifully painted. We get foxes coming into our garden every night. One night I was woken up by my dogs' squeeky toy. I looked out of the window and a fox was playing with the dogs' squeeky toys on the patio. It was playing just like a puppy! It was jumping onto the toy and then picking it up in its mouth and strutting around squeeking it.

  4. Wow,a wonderful Fox.Bin wirklich begeistert Du kannst super toll malen.
    Liebe Grüße Nicky

  5. Hi Heidi...oh, I'm so happy I' meet you!!! ;o)

    WONDERFULL, your blog is fantastic...LIKE YOU!!! ;o)

    Kisses dear, new fallower and new friend! ;o)

    HUGS!!! NI

  6. Dear Heidi, you have painted a wonderful picture. The fox is so beautifull. Congratulatins for your schoolarships. I enjoy with you.

    Kind reguards Mary

    PS. Your bears are very, very sweet.

  7. Congratulations on your graduation and scholarships Heidi! You have such a bright future ahead of you.

    I love what you have done with this piece of wood, I bet Emily will treasure it always.

  8. -Thank you Janice and Gingerale for your sweet comments, I really appreciate them :)

    -Thank you Sue! WOW that is incredible!! I had no idea that foxes behaved like that!

    -Nicky, Danke für deine nett worte und ein warm willkommen zu meine blog :)

    -Thank you Ni your blog is so beautiful too!!

    -Thank you Mary for your kind words, you made me smile :)

    -Thank you so much as always Joanne! Your new panda bear looks adorable by the way!

  9. Congrats on the scholarships, and Mr Fox looks great, sure she'll love it.

    PS, you're a no reply blogger, so I couldn't reply directly as I usually do, but thanks for stopping by my blog

  10. Thank you Katy for your nice comments. You are the first person to mention this to me, I think I've fixed the problem hopefully it will work!

  11. Hello Heidi!
    First of all Gratulations on your graduation and scholarships! all the best wishes for this new part of your live!
    Now let me thank you for beeing my new follower on my blog! I am really pleased to have you with us :O)

    Your blog is fantastic and you can be sure, I will visit you often!

    This Fox is a georgeous work!

    Have a lovely week,

  12. Hello Heidi,

    thank you very much for joining my new sideblog lately - sorry I'm a bit late to visit yours, but now I did... and I'm glad I did. Your work is outstanding and you're still so young... what else will come? Well, I'll see! Before I forget it, your bears are lovely and that hawk is impressive. And I bet your friend loves the fox. Congrats on your graduation and best wishes for university! Oh, and maybe you'd like to visit my main blog, too? Well, Flutterby would be pleased... ;O)

    Greetings from Germany

  13. oh is that a pretty blog, i love your creations

  14. Thank you Claudia, Birgit and Mäsywi-Bären for your kindness :) .I really appreciate you taking the time to look, and welcome to my blog as well!