Thursday, October 6, 2011

Exploding frogs and other things

  It has been a difficult couple of weeks for me, which is why I haven't gotten around to update my blog lately. Nine weeks exams and the end of the school quarter are drawing near and I've been scrambling to get all of my homework done each night after swim and cross country practice. The only time that I've really had to relax is in my art 3D class, but unfortunately it only lasts an hour... which to me feels like five minutes. The past few weeks we worked on "Sea creatures and amphibians" , I was very happy with how my frog turned out, and I was looking forward to painting it once it came out of the kiln. The next day I walked into class I found my frog broken into little bits and pieces, I almost didn't recognize it. I talked to my teacher and evidently there was an air pocket in the lily pad and my poor frog must have blown up in the big oven. Although I was pretty upset I did find out some good news; the penguin pinch pot I made in class was going to be displayed at an art show near by. This surprised me, I honestly did not like my penguin pot after I had glazed it.. (the glaze is patchy in some spots where I didn't brush on enough, and some of the glaze smeared around the little details like the eyes and toes.) Maybe I am being to hard on myself, who knows. Either way I don't think it will look half that bad filled with Halloween candy :). Among other things I have been running a lot lately, this is my first year doing cross country and wow is it tiring. I finally got my 5k time down to a 24  (My PR was a 20 back when I was doing 12 mile swims out in the middle of the ocean and lakes) and right when I thought things were improving I started noticing a lot of pain in my right knee. A day before our big meet I tripped at practice and of course landed right on my injury and skidded a couple of feet. The next day I tried running in the meet anyways (not one of my best ideas) and I ended up barely finishing the race (I came in with a high 25. ) Yesterday I went to the doctor who believes that I might have sprained or torn my meniscus, and now I am not allowed to run or swim until I see an orthopedic. I am so upset about this, I was really looking forward to running in the nice new fall weather we have been having... but I guess on the bright side I now have more time to do college applications and work on my art projects.
   - Heidi

What the frog looked like before it exploded...
 (No sorry I didn't take an after shot)

A one inch tall clay tiger I made for fun at home. I am still working
on the panda bear as well but it is taking much longer than I expected.

The penguin pot with Mr. Tiger sitting in it.


  1. Heidi, Try to be easier on yourself.

  2. I love the unevenness of color on the pinch pot. It is wonderful and i can see why he selected it.
    I also love the frog and the little bear. That is a real shame about the explosion. He would have been a real keeper.
    I hope you feel better soon. Take the time to rest and work on other things you enjoy.

  3. Thank you Jennifer and Joanne, I think I will take your advice and rest my bummed leg :). Im going to see if I can salvage the frog this week as well; glue has never failed me in the past so I figure that it is worth a try! Thank you again for taking the time to comment as always and give me such good inspiration!