Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Trick or Treat!

  Autumn is my favorite time of the year, you can probably already tell this by the abundance of pumpkins and leaves decorating my blog. My birthday is on the 29th of October and my moms is right after on the 30th, and then of course comes Halloween! As you can imagine that whole week is an ongoing party; cake, good food, and family is definitely something to look forward to! I have only ever seen the trees change color once, and that was when I went to Pennsylvania in October a few years back. Sometimes I wish that it got cold enough in Florida... but at the same time I can imagine that the cold weather would become tiresome after a while. This year I am turning 18, which is supposedly a big change but just like the Florida trees I don't feel or think I look any different. Birthdays are generally not to big of a deal for me, so this year I will probably just go canoeing with my family on the Wekiva river to celebrate. There is nothing I enjoy more than getting out and paddling around in my little blue kayak. For my mothers birthday I made her a pumpkin sculpture that you can put a candle inside. I just finished it this week in my art class at school. My mom has always been such a great supporter of everything I do, especially my art. When I was younger she put me in so many sculpting and painting classes, and on the weekends we would spend time together making home made play dough and drawing bugs and animals we saw outside. Here are some pictures , hope you enjoy! And happy Halloween everyone!

  - Heidi

Tiger I drew for AP Lit, its an illustration to the poem
Tyger Tyger by William Blake.

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