Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Frozen in Fear

Here is the dragon I sculpted out of clay all painted now.

The lighting here isn't very good but I added snow flakes on the piece.
I am going to name it "Frozen in Fear"

The dragon next to my Fat cat sculpture I made in first grade.
This is encouraging for me :).

An Artichoke sponge holder I made for mom. No one knows what an artichoke is...
They are missing out. Seriously.


  1. Love the Dragon! I am VERY picky about dragons that I collect.

  2. You have done such great work all over this post. I love the dragon. The whole scene is so well thought out.
    I have to say that one of my most favorite foods in the world is an artichoke. I have some here now. My mom is Italian, so I have been eating them since I was a baby. I am in love with your artichoke. What a beautiful idea for a sponge holder.

  3. That is so cool that you collect dragons Jennifer! This was my first try at one so I'm just glad that people can tell what it is lol :).

  4. Thank you Joanne :) I am glad that you like it as well. Wow that is to ironic! My mom is also Itallian, she steams them and stuffs them with breadcrumbs..so delicious! How do you eat yours? When I was making the sponge holder in class i brought in pictures of real artichokes to look at. My classmates thought i was making some sort of ugly flower lol they don't know how much they are missing out!